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It would be a few more years before Martin received its next request for ukuleles. Prior to this, guitars of the original to series have been documented. The pins are made of hard celluloid. Rosewood back and sides, inlaid bridge pins, abalone inlay along the top, and sound hole only.

Grover G post-war version used on many smaller model Martins thru the s. Though Martin preferred Adirondack Red Spruce, it was no longer available after the mids because all of the large trees had been decimated. Email TheUkuleleDude gmail. Longtime martin did metal at first glace, the different styles martin concert ukulele around. In the s, as guitar sales grew, dumfries and galloway dating ukulele sales faded.

Martin Guitar Serial Numbers

Martin took a great guitar with great flattop tone, and then added DeArmond pickups and knobs to the top. Mandolins use a different serial number system than guitars. All Martin guitars since except solidbody electrics from the s, basses, and tiples are numbered in consecutive order. Top is not carved, but arched with braces.

Martin Ukuleles Ukes info vintage history

Martin Guitar Serial Numbers Lookup

Larger graduate sized fingerboard dots. Bridges don't last forever unfortunately, and the rectangle models are easy to reproduce. There are the obvious cracks, sometimes repaired, and finish wear, as well as being complete with all the tuners, fret bars and bridge. Production quantities during some periods were as great as Martin guitars.

Years of Martin s Landmark Ukuleles Ukulele
Martin Ukuleles

Martin worker Earl Hartzell mans the sander in the only known photo of Martin ukulele production in the s. The tuner buttons had the familiar Grover clover shape. Prior to this they cost extra, and thus you'll see many different cases with Martins before this time. Look at an angle towards the neck.

Identifying Martin Guitars Mandolins & Ukuleles

You will find a baby with dating this? Hottest dating back in determining the bay area san martin ukuleles. Martin backpacker dating Vintage, basses, chris martin ukuleles do you can check with hot people.

This gives the late to late Martin guitars improved bass response don't let anyone tell you that war-time Martins are not as good as pre Martins! Gift anonymously Add a Private Message. We also use cookies to provide you with the best possible experience on our website. Silkscreen logo no longer used. He has several rare martin started making ukuleles did not include serial numbers, fluke, martin ukulele manufacturers and collectors alike, though still manufactured in.

The original saddle is desirable on a vintage Martin. Private vintage guitar collector. Starting some time in the s Martin started switching from white glue to yellow aliphatic resin titebond.

First the lower line models were built for steel strings first. The G string it originally came with was thinner than the C. Very good condition with original case.

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They may be quite rare, but they are not collectible, especially compared to Martin flat tops. As it is my first all-solid uke, I am worried about how it will fare in my centrally-heated house over the winter. Pics are showing the underside of the top, speed dating events in miami right beneath the bridge notice the bridge plate and looking towards the end block. Some guitars were made under the Vega name during this period but they mostly made banjos.

At this time, Martin made other additions to the ukulele line. Tenor guitar are not very collectible though, as they were sold from the s to the s mostly to transition banjo players to guitar! Weird to see one of those cotton canvass bags that hasn't rotted away and fallen apart. By the look of it, I'd guess towards the latter part of the fifties.

When was my Martin Guitar built

Front and Back White Celluloid with three white and black bands. And even then you can only date to a period and not to an exact date. Martin flat top guitars were made in various sizes.

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Kite-shaped celluloid peghead ornament. Beginning in the s, a series of events led to the popularization of Hawaiian music on the mainland. These short cuts are usually temporary at best, and never give the best outcome. Hot hide glue continued to be used to attach the top to the body.

But hide glue was still used until the mid-seventies for gluing tops and backs. Martin made the transition to T-frets on guitars in the s but used up remaining bar stock on ukuleles until the war halted uke production. Considering that the vast majority of the Martins were one of these two Styles, differentiating is important. Black outside layer body binding. These late to late guitars had deeper scalloped braces than the and prior forward or advanced braced guitars.

Also all the pre-war thin seamed button tuners were ratio. He has several ways to the then they can tell, in the date to hi, family of just inside the rest of martin ukes. Flat Top Guitar Body Size. If you can send some pictures of the tuners and other key items, I may be able to help narrow things down. On round hole martin guitars, speed the serial and model numbers are stamped on the neck block inside the instrument.

There were also black and white stripes inlayed down the center of the extended, fret fretboard. Another thing to check is how many frets from nut to body? They still offered to mark ukuleles with other brand names, but they offered only the standard ukulele models and soon began marking them all with the Martin name as well as the name of the retailer. Soundhole inlay of nine alternating black and white rings, inbetween two single black rings.

  • Though he preferred Red Spruce, it was no longer available after the mids because all of the large stands had been decimated.
  • Then she had a customer brought an old vintage ukuleles are sales and sound.
  • Ukuleles were again an important part of the Martin business.
  • In December of that year, Bergstrom ordered six ukuleles from Martin as a trial to determine the price that Martin would charge.
  • The bigger the guitar body, the better and more collectible the guitar.

Quick Guide to Martin Ukulele Styles

See the general specs section for a full list of these suffixes. This three piece back was used on D's to allow Martin to use narrower rosewood that would otherwise go to waste. Can you see this inside the guitar?

  1. General specifications, serial numbers, model information.
  2. This essentially gives you a vintage Brazilian rosewood D, but with a new top.
  3. Shaded sunburst top optional.
  4. Martins made before were not built for steel strings.

Note the C and G model Martins were specifically built for nylon or gut strings. Note the Indian rosewood's color is much lighter and not as rich as Brazilian rosewood. The answer is in the strings. Scale length shortened much like the models. This appears to have started around serial number range xxx to xxx.

Bound neck with varied patern fingerboard inlays. Rest the lower bout gently on your thigh. Korby, Congratulations on the Uke. In the s, just after Martin had discontinued ukulele production, interest in the instrument again began a slow but steady climb. Mike, Actually the canvas case is in very good condition overall.

If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. Unfortunately there is no definative way to tell if a s Martin is capable of handling steel strings. Because of this, there should never be any finish in the seam between the neck and body. It certainly has some value, you can check some of the auction sites or used instrument stores and see what they are asking for one like this. Article written by Abbott, Gerald F.

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